From Ugly . . . To Still Kind Of Ugly

Oh my gosh.. It's been too long since I've been able to get on here. I've been so busy lately! I've been going back and forth between projects and studying for my classes that I've had no time to blog about what I've been doing!

I finally reupholstered that God-awful chair that had been sitting in my bedroom for far too long! And it was SO easy! To be honest, I was scared out of my mind of how it would turn out, but it looks great! Obviously it's not perfect since it was my first time to do it but it still looks pretty darn good.

What inspired me to do this came from Red Door Home which I found via Pinterest, of course. The tutorial made it look so simple so I decided to do it this weekend when I was home! I really didn't follow any sort of instructions when I did this. If you want more detailed instructions, the link to Red Door Home above is a great source of help!

Now to really understand how badly my chair needed this makeover, you should see the before picture. I must warn  you, it's really ugly. (Also, I forgot to bring my camera so I had to use my phone to take pictures. They're not that great, but you should get the idea.)

Yes, that is animal print. And no, not like fashionable, cute animal print. The kind of animal print that you have no clue what animal it came from. Anyways, all I had to do was flip that sucker over, unscrew the seat, give it a good sanding and we were ready to go!

First I started by spray painting the seat so I could work on the cushion while it dried. I wanted more of a silvery look so I went with Krylon Brushed Metallic in Nickel with a Satin finish. It looked great once I was done. It ultimately took about 3 coats and 2 cans.

While that was drying, I started on the cushion. Now I know this picture shows wire cutters, which were somewhat useful, but during the process of ripping out staples I found that using a flathead hammer was easier. Personal preference I guess.

My seat came with a great cushion, although it smelt kinda like smoke. I gave it a quick frebreeze and put some new batting, followed with the new fabric!

When you put the batting on, flip it right side up (like above) and place the fabric where you want it on the cushion. When it's lined up how you like it, hold the edges tight and flip it over gently so you don't move the pattern.

For this part, I needed a little help from my mom. She pulled the edges tight while I stapled. I love it more and more every time I look at it!

Once the paint was dry on the seat, I flipped it back over, screwed the cushion back on, and all done! So simple and easy! It really didn't take long at all. The longest part was waiting on the paint to dry! 

What do you think? The pictures a little dark and honestly doesn't do justice to how amazing this chair looks! Now I just need a cute table beside it and a picture hanging on the wall behind it! Maybe my next project?

UPDATE: After living with this chair, I just couldn't learn to love it. Maybe because that terrible awful animal print was burned into my memory forever, but I couldn't stand to look at it. It made me cringe . . . so it had to go. RIP chair. You won't be missed.

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