Hello Blog World

Hello fellow bloggers and readers!

This is my first venture into having a blog, so don't be too harsh if I totally suck at this for awhile.

I actually had the idea to create this blog literally five seconds ago and was so excited I had to stop what I was doing, rush to my computer, and get on it!

The inspiration for me doing this actually came from Pinterest. You know that cool online pinboard where you can find tons of awesome DIY stuff, recipes, etc.? Yeah, I knew you knew what I was talking about! I was in the middle of making some fabulous ornaments and I thought it would be really cool to have a blog that chronicled my journey of becoming a master DIY-er. And then I thought I could directly link it to my Pinterest and create stuff that I and other people pin. So an idea was born!

The whole idea of this blog will be for me to make stuff I've seen on Pinterest, take pictures so you guys can follow along, and directly link this to a Pinterest board (also called "I'd Pin That") where all the things I've made here will be listed on one board! I myself find this genius and hope you guys  do too (and by guys, I assume it's only family reading this. Hi Mom! Hi Carol! Hi Dana!)! This may be pretty slow to start off with so bear with me for awhile!

I can't wait for you guys to see what I have planned and follow along with me!

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