Dancing In The Rain

Oh my gosh. My last post was December 10th....and it's February 7th.

I've been SO busy lately with school and you know, basically figuring out what I want to do with my life (totally not kidding about that. I've been deciding on a major. Scariest decision of my life. EVER.).

Anyways, I've finally gotten around to doing a project! YAY ME!

I've seen these really cute rain boots all over Pinterest (picture below) and I've been meaning to give them a try. I have a lonely pair of rain boots that have been sitting in the back of my closet forever, just waiting to be worn. But to be honest, I always kind of hated them because they were so plain and boring. Well, thanks to an awesome tutorial from BeachBrights, I gave my boring rain boots a whole new look!

What you'll need is:
rain boots (Target and Walmart have some really cute ones for very cheap)
a hammer
coordinating ribbon

To put in the eyelets, just follow the directions on the package. And make sure when you buy the eyelets, you buy enough. I only bought one packet and ended up being 3 short. When putting them in, I used a sharpie to roughly trace where I wanted the eyelet to be and then used an exacto knife to cut a hole out. Here they are after putting in the eyelets:

Then I just measured (and by measured, I mean estimated -- I hate to measure) out my ribbon and threaded them through the holes!

Here's some close-ups of the bows!

What do you think? Now I'm just waiting for some more rain to come my way so I can actually wear them!

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