Mother Daughter Craft Time

I have learned that wreaths are probably one of my favorite things to make. I love when the season changes or a new holiday arrives and I get to swap out my wreaths!

I've had my Easter wreath hanging up since the end of February, which I'll share in a later post, but I told myself that I would not let it reach June and not have a summer wreath up on my door! And I barely made it. My wreath went up May 31st at like 10:00. But hey, I made it!

I've had my Easter wreath up since March and I desperately wanted needed a change. I wanted something with flowers since it was summer, but I also wanted it to have a personal touch.

Now as I'm sure pretty much everyone who uses Pinterest knows, when you go to Hobby Lobby or Micheal's to buy supplies for whatever craft your doing, things often take a turn. And by "take a turn," I mean, they don't have anything you need. When I went to Hobby Lobby I found the wreath base, burlap ribbon, initial, and moss pretty easily. Picking out the flowers, however, was a different story.

I probably spent a good hour just in the flower department. I have this thing with craft store flowers. I want mine to look real. Like, just picked from the garden real. I don't like the plastic-y looking pistils (thank you 5th grade science) or petals that look like they're made out of cheap discount fabric. I'm very picky about my flowers, y'all.

So after picking up and putting back like 20 different flowers. I finally found the right ones. Finally.

Once I got home, I assembled all of my supplies and got to work!

This wreath really was easy to make. The only "hard" part was gluing the moss to the initial. And it wasn't really hard, it just took patience. To attach the moss to your initial you'll want to first spread out the sheet, spray with adhesive, and lay the initial down, flipped the wrong direction.I used spray adhesive, but I'm sure hot glue would work too.

Then just cut off the excess. Now, your scissors are going to get really yucky. Use a pair that you don't mind getting sticky. After you're done, just rub some goo gone on them and they'll be brand new!

Now spray the back of the letter with adhesive and fold the edges over. Again, hot glue will probably work too. I actually think hot glue would have been better for this part. I had to hold the folds down for sometimes a few minutes before they dried and fully stuck. Hot glue might eliminate that problem.

You might notice that you need to trim certain spots, so do that as you go along. You may need to flip it over and see what needs to be covered or trimmed. Before I glued the initial in place on the wreath, I added some wire to the back of it and wrapped it around one of the thicker twigs on the wreath base. Once I had it where I wanted it, I glued the initial directly onto the wreath. The wire just helps with sturdiness.

Once you're done, just hot glue the flowers and bow in place, and you have a new summer wreath!

My mom and I also made a wreath for her front door. Here's a quick picture:

Like mother, like daughter! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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