Sunburst Mirror Update!

I've been working on my sunburst mirror little by little and this past weekend I finally got it painted!

I don't think I ever posted a picture of it primed, but this is it after one can of white primer.

 I decided to use spray paint since the surface of the mirror is uneven due to the wood shims. I picked Valspar's Mirage and it is one of my favorite colors to use! You can find it at Lowe's.

Valspar's Mirage at Lowe's
It is the perfect blue and ties in perfectly with my apartment!

La fonda apparently means "inn", but all I could think about was Lafawnduh from Napoleon Dynamite!

Sorry, had to.
After two cans of spray paint, my mirror turned from white to blue! I also painted the charger that will be placed on the mirror.

It looks darker than it really is because it's in the shade, but it is a beautiful shade of blue!

The last thing I got to do for the weekend was glue the charger to the sunburst part. My stepdad used liquid nails to glue the charger on and then placed a full paint can on top to make sure it will stay on there good!

The next step will be gluing the mirror on and then finally, hanging it up on my wall! We have still yet to figure out how exactly where or how we are going to hang it up because it is so heavy. Hopefully we can figure out a way to hang it or come up with a creative way to display it. My mom was thinking hanging it on a ladder that leans on the wall (if it can't be hung on the wall because it's too heavy).

What do you guys think? Have any creative ideas about how to hang or display the mirror if I can't hang it directly on the wall?

UPDATE: It's done!!! (Technically it's been done for months now actually)

So I was updating my blog and noticed that I never posted that I finished my mirror! I'll do an official post later, but I thought I'd share the picture now anyway! :)

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