The Lazy Girl's Guide To Making a Gallery Wall

This week I decided to do a little decorating in my living room! I started by creating a gallery wall that surrounds my TV, and then added some decor to the entertainment center. This area was in need of some color and personality. Pictures are one of my favorite ways to add personality to a space, so that's exactly what I did!

 I've had some white frames collecting dust on my desk that I bought from Walmart a few months back. I wanted to make a gallery wall, but I was so lost as to where to start that I avoided the frames and the idea. That is, until I came across an article on Pinterest.

I seemed to have lost the original article (whoops!), but basically the author shared her tricks for making your own gallery wall. Her genius idea was to get contact paper from the dollar store, cut pieces into the size of each frame, mark where the hooks are, and then arrange the pieces on the wall how you want. Once their arranged to your liking, you simply nail where you've marked on the pieces of contact paper and then rip the paper off the wall. The only thing left to do is hang up your pictures.

I automatically thought this was a genius idea! I mean, how do people come up with this stuff?! Some people just have all the good ideas.

Anyways, despite the fact that this was such a great idea, I was too lazy to go to the dollar store to get contact paper so I used my preferred go-to method, wingin' it. ;)

I laid out my frames around a painting I have that is a similar size to my TV and took some quick snapshots to compare layouts.

Sorry these aren't great quality - I didn't really intend for them to be used on the blog. They were to help me decide which layout I liked best.

When it was time for me to hang them, I'm not gonna lie, I just eyeballed it. And I'm proud to say that every picture was perfectly level except one. Score one for laziness!

I am in love with it! Eventually, I want to have a bunch of family pictures on this wall and may even buy some more frames, but for now I went with a few nature pictures and the few family pictures I have.

Catching up on my favorite TV shows while I take some pictures.
I added some pears and green apples to glass vases, all from TJ Maxx. To add a little more, I wrapped twine around the glass vases. I picked up the candles from Hobby Lobby. I already had the candlesticks, but I believe they are from Hobby Lobby as well.
Here's some more pictures of the decor:

Here is the tutorial to make this wreath!
I also hung up my wreath that was once outside, on the inside of the door, since I have my Boo door hanger up now. I love it so much that I didn't want to pack it up just because it's colder weather outside now. I actually think it looks really good inside!

Well, that's how I've spent a good part of my week! Have you done any decorating lately? Or do you have any tips for gallery walls, or hanging pictures in general? I'd love to hear it in the comments below!

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