Projects, Projects Everywhere!

I have this problem where I start multiple projects at once and it takes me forever to finish them.

Right now, I am making myself a wreath and fixing a friend's monogram door hanger, among other things. I did, however, finish my nightstand!

As you may remember from a previous post, it was hot pink. Like, neon hot pink.

If I were a single girl living on my own or with other girls, I would totally have kept it pink! It was super cute! However, my boyfriend's first sentence after bringing it through the door was, "No, that is not going next to our bed." Ha! Can't say I blame him.

I had some a ton of leftover paint from painting my desk (I'll post about that later!) and I thought it would look beautiful on the table!

I started by flipping the table upside down and painting the legs. It took about 4 thin coats of paint before the hot pink was fully covered! 

There were so many little nooks and crevices that I had to go in with a small paintbrush and do lots of touch ups. As you can see in this picture, there are little paint drips in places that make the surface look a little uneven. This table is pretty old and was picked up at the Salvation Army by my sister, who painted it. Then, my mom painted it hot pink. I sanded it down the best I could, but those little drops don't really bother me. Unless you're really up close, like in this picture, you can't even tell!

I also had to pay close attention to the curves of the table. I used the smaller paintbrush again and went in and gave it a few coats so the hot pink didn't peek out from underneath.

After the legs were painted and dry, I flipped it over and did the top! This picture was taken after 2 thin coats. The pink is almost gone, but still showing through a little bit so I added a few more coats!

After a few more coats of paint and a couple coats of polycrylic, my table was finally finished!

I am in love with the color! And I love that it matches my desk!

The design is so beautiful and looks amazing in that silvery gray!

I added a few pictures, a lamp, and a vase filled with one of my favorite flowers, hydrangeas!

I think it fits right in with my bedroom! I still need to add some throw pillows (although J would happily disagree - he has something against throw pillows)...

...and some art to my walls! I hung up 3 photos in identical frames above our bed that perfectly match the blue in our curtains, but now I need to fill up the wall next to it. I have a painting I bought from Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago that I might but there, but I haven't decided yet.

So, what do you guys think about the table? I absolutely love the color and am really impressed with how it turned out! Let me know what you think in the comments below! And if you have any ideas for art for my empty wall beside my bed, feel free to share! I could use the help!

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