Fall Hydrangea Wreath

Now that Halloween's over, it's time to take down my Boo door hanger. As always, I waited until last minute to make my wreath I was going to put up. :)

However, I am very pleased with what I came up with and how it turned out!

I was inspired by this pin I found a few months ago on Pinterest.

I love hydrangeas and it looked like an easy DIY project (which was a key factor since it was Halloween night and I wanted my Boo sign down by morning).

To make this wreath, all you need is:
medium size wreath base
6 hydrangea flowers (3 each of 3 different colors)
hot glue gun and lots of hot glue
ribbon for a bow
wire for the bow

After I got all of my supplies, I bent the stems of the flowers and laid them out on the wreath base so I would have an idea of how I wanted the arrangement. Make sure to do this before you cut the stems. You might need more or less depending on the size of the flowers and wreath.

Then, I cut the stems fairly close to the flower. I made sure to leave about 1/2" so I had something to glue to the wreath.

Here's an idea of how much stem I left.

Once you get them all cut and have a small pile of hydrangeas in your living room floor, it's time to get gluing!

I covered the ends in a lot of hot glue and them stuck them one at a time on the wreath. A couple of mine were too squished together in spaces which left gaps in others. It was easy to take them off and re-glue them, so if you come across the same problem, don't worry! It's an easy fix!

After I had them all glued, I hung it up to see how I liked it! The colors looked so pretty! I was already in love! But...you know me. It needed more!

So, I made a bow!

I had some leftover brown glitter ribbon from the burlap wreath I made my sister. It was the perfect size and color to add to my wreath! 

I think the glitter adds a nice touch and some more dimension!

On the original wreath that inspired mine, there were leaves that went all around the back. I had a bunch of leaves that came on the stems with the flowers, but my boyfriend accidentally threw them out thinking they were trash. What do you guys think? Do you think I should leave it as is or add the leaves?

I think the green of the leaves would look so pretty with the browns and reddish orange of the flowers! I'm leaning towards adding them. :)

I had a few hydrangeas leftover, so I added them to a new vase I found at TJ Maxx. You may remember seeing it in my post about my table makeover! I think I may need to slow down on the hydrangeas for a while and start buying other kinds of flowers before my apartment is full of them! They're so pretty though so they're hard to resist!

Have you made a Fall wreath this year or any other Fall crafts! I'd love to see them! Leave me some links in the comments!

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  1. Thank you so much for this project idea. I found your blog via Pinterest and my front door now looks a lot more loved :)

    Gretta Hewson
    Apollo Luxury Architectural Design Studio


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