Cupcakes Make Me Happy

I have a project that I am so excited to share with you guys! I really wanted to do something special for my coworkers at Gigi's and of course, found my inspiration on Pinterest!

These ornaments are adorable and I knew they would be perfect for my coworkers. I do work for a cupcake store after all!

The best part is, they were easy to make!

All you need is:
cupcake wrappers
caulk and caulk gun
beads for sprinkles

I also bought some snowflakes and little ornaments that I was going to put on top. I thought I could use the red ornaments for cherries, but ended up liking the snowflakes better so I used them instead.

To start off, I superglued the ornaments to the cupcake wrappers. I did this first so that they would stand up straight when "icing" them.

Icing the cupcakes was a little tricky at first. I first got a disposable icing tip and hot glued it directly onto the spout of the caulk tube. The hot glue part worked nicely, actually, but the size of the icing tip was way too small so the icing didn't look right. I should've taken a picture! It was a major Pinterest fail!

Once it was apparent that I couldn't salvage them, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy new ornaments. While I was there, I went to the baking aisle and had a great idea! I bought a bigger icing tip and icing bags! When I got home, I put the icing tip inside the bag (cutting off the end of course), and then slipped the bag over the caulk and put it in the gun. The "icing" came through the icing tip perfectly! I should've taken pictures of this, but I was so excited that my crazy idea worked that I forgot all about it!

Once the cupcakes are "iced," it's time to embellish! I added a little snowflake and put pink beads on tip for sprinkles!

I made 12 total and it took me less than an hour to do them all! That's how easy it was!

One tip though, I would ice and embellish them one at a time to ensure the caulk doesn't get too try for the sprinkles to stick.

I can't wait to hand these out this Sunday at our Christmas party!

Have you made any ornaments yourself this year for presents or your own tree? I would love to see pictures!

Thanks for stopping by!

Deck The Halls

I am finally done with finals week!
Praise the Lord!

Before finals week started, I made sure to make time to put my tree up. The other decorations could wait, but the tree had to go up! 

I set the actual tree up before Thanksgiving, that way all the hard work would be out of the way for when I got back. I used to do it all in one day, but by the time I got the tree up, I wasn't having fun anymore and just wanted to get the ornaments on so I could go sit down.

Here are some pictures of my tree!

Our tree, like last year, is red, green and silver! I absolutely love it! As soon as I get up in the morning, I turn it on!

I used the same tree skirt I made last year. It's held up really nicely but I'm already wanting to make a new one. I can't help myself - I always want to be making something new!

I couldn't find my angel that usually goes on our tree so we bought a star from Target. I love the way it looks, but it's not very stable. This is actually the second one we bought. The first one broke when I put it on the tree.

I bought most of my ornaments from Hobby Lobby and Michael's. Our Michael's had a teeny tiny section of ornaments, but Hobby Lobby has a ton! I always get some from there every year! I love how they're organized by color!

I love reindeer if you can't tell! The top one is from a local boutique I bought a few years ago and the bottom is from Kohl's!


I also love snowflakes! I love to look for new ones every year to add to my collection!

I bought some vintage ornaments at Target this year! I am in LOVE with these ornaments! I have been looking for vintage ornaments for a long time and could not believe I found them at Target of all places. #74,937 why Target is my favorite place. :)

We have a tradition that started with my family when I was younger where we get a new ornament every year. I still haven't found mine yet, but J found his! He is a computer science major so we thought this pixelated Santa was adorable!

While I haven't gotten all of my decorations up yet, I did draw a Christmas snow globe on my pantry chalkboard. It turned out so cute! I'm pretty proud of myself!

I would love to see some of your Holiday decorations! If you have some pictures, feel free to share them with me! Thanks for stopping by!

A Little Bit of Everything

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted in about a week. This next week is finals, and I have had a ton of stuff due this week and lots of studying to do to prepare for next week! As much as I love my blog and posting, school comes first and sometimes that means taking a break for a week or so to make sure I get everything finished.

The view from my apartment bedroom. This is from this morning and it's getting worse by the minute!
I do have some good news though. We are under a winter storm warning here in Arkansas, so that means school was cancelled yesterday and it's closed today as well! It might even be closed Monday as well, because there's another storm coming through. I was missing writing on my blog so much, so I had to take some time today to post - even if it is just a random post about what's been going on lately!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was great! I spent time with my aunts, uncles, and cousins in Texas in their beautiful new homes! The food was delicious but most of all, I enjoyed getting to see my family, who I don't get to see that often since they live so far away!

One thing you might not know about me is that my family and I go Black Friday shopping every year!

This is from 2008! As you can see, we even had T-shirts made that year!
It's become a family tradition that we love! Not necessarily because of the shopping, but because of the laughs we have and the funny moments we share!

This year, I had two items on my wishlist - an iPad Air (my iPad broke while I was in Texas!) and a North Face jacket for myself and J. I found neither of them. Major Black Friday fail! I still had fun though! And my family made out much better than me! Here's some pictures from the trip!

We got in line at Target at 4PM after Thanksgiving lunch and they opened at 8. The line was very, very long but we got there early enough that we were very close to the front!

This is my aunt and cousin's shopping carts! The carts were stacked so high that I couldn't even see in front of me!

Here we are waiting on my uncle to come pick our stuff up to go on to the next store! We bought 5 TVs between all of us (not including myself) and there was no way it was going to fit in our cars!

Turns out my uncle went to the wrong Target, so we got a lot of weird stares waiting on the sidewalk outside of Target with our stuff! When he got there, we stuffed the Jeep until there was no more room! We had to lay the seats down and everything was stacked so high you couldn't see out of the back!

We went to a bunch more places, but I didn't take pictures. We came home to rest at around 5AM I think and took about an hour nap. Then we went out for round 2 and finally came home around 4PM that night. It was so much fun but I was SO tired!

I wish I had a project to show you guys, but I haven't had time to do any this week. My sister has though!

She made these cute DIY Christmas cards last week at a Christmas party she planned for her pages! They are so adorable and she said they were pretty easy too! If you're in the DC area, I would check out Paper Source! That's where she got the scrapbook paper for the ornaments and I think she got the washi tape there as well! My favorite is the reindeer (when I post pictures of my tree, you'll understand why it's my favorite)!

These cards are a great idea if you're wanting to add a personal touch to your Christmas cards!

Or if your like me and have no time to make your own, Target has a ton of cute options! I had trouble picking because they were all so pretty, so I chose two! This is the first year J and I are doing Christmas cards, and between finals and the ice storm, I probably won't get them out until the week before Christmas!

One last thing I had to share! Conway now has the biggest tree in Arkansas! It's 54 feet tall and looks beautiful when lit up! The best part though is that I get to drive by it everyday on my way to work! I love it!

After this week, I should be back to my normal schedule of posting! I can't wait to show you guys my Christmas tree and the new ornaments I bought while I was at Target!

Thanks for stopping by!

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