Cupcakes Make Me Happy

I have a project that I am so excited to share with you guys! I really wanted to do something special for my coworkers at Gigi's and of course, found my inspiration on Pinterest!

These ornaments are adorable and I knew they would be perfect for my coworkers. I do work for a cupcake store after all!

The best part is, they were easy to make!

All you need is:
cupcake wrappers
caulk and caulk gun
beads for sprinkles

I also bought some snowflakes and little ornaments that I was going to put on top. I thought I could use the red ornaments for cherries, but ended up liking the snowflakes better so I used them instead.

To start off, I superglued the ornaments to the cupcake wrappers. I did this first so that they would stand up straight when "icing" them.

Icing the cupcakes was a little tricky at first. I first got a disposable icing tip and hot glued it directly onto the spout of the caulk tube. The hot glue part worked nicely, actually, but the size of the icing tip was way too small so the icing didn't look right. I should've taken a picture! It was a major Pinterest fail!

Once it was apparent that I couldn't salvage them, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy new ornaments. While I was there, I went to the baking aisle and had a great idea! I bought a bigger icing tip and icing bags! When I got home, I put the icing tip inside the bag (cutting off the end of course), and then slipped the bag over the caulk and put it in the gun. The "icing" came through the icing tip perfectly! I should've taken pictures of this, but I was so excited that my crazy idea worked that I forgot all about it!

Once the cupcakes are "iced," it's time to embellish! I added a little snowflake and put pink beads on tip for sprinkles!

I made 12 total and it took me less than an hour to do them all! That's how easy it was!

One tip though, I would ice and embellish them one at a time to ensure the caulk doesn't get too try for the sprinkles to stick.

I can't wait to hand these out this Sunday at our Christmas party!

Have you made any ornaments yourself this year for presents or your own tree? I would love to see pictures!

Thanks for stopping by!

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