Deck The Halls

I am finally done with finals week!
Praise the Lord!

Before finals week started, I made sure to make time to put my tree up. The other decorations could wait, but the tree had to go up! 

I set the actual tree up before Thanksgiving, that way all the hard work would be out of the way for when I got back. I used to do it all in one day, but by the time I got the tree up, I wasn't having fun anymore and just wanted to get the ornaments on so I could go sit down.

Here are some pictures of my tree!

Our tree, like last year, is red, green and silver! I absolutely love it! As soon as I get up in the morning, I turn it on!

I used the same tree skirt I made last year. It's held up really nicely but I'm already wanting to make a new one. I can't help myself - I always want to be making something new!

I couldn't find my angel that usually goes on our tree so we bought a star from Target. I love the way it looks, but it's not very stable. This is actually the second one we bought. The first one broke when I put it on the tree.

I bought most of my ornaments from Hobby Lobby and Michael's. Our Michael's had a teeny tiny section of ornaments, but Hobby Lobby has a ton! I always get some from there every year! I love how they're organized by color!

I love reindeer if you can't tell! The top one is from a local boutique I bought a few years ago and the bottom is from Kohl's!


I also love snowflakes! I love to look for new ones every year to add to my collection!

I bought some vintage ornaments at Target this year! I am in LOVE with these ornaments! I have been looking for vintage ornaments for a long time and could not believe I found them at Target of all places. #74,937 why Target is my favorite place. :)

We have a tradition that started with my family when I was younger where we get a new ornament every year. I still haven't found mine yet, but J found his! He is a computer science major so we thought this pixelated Santa was adorable!

While I haven't gotten all of my decorations up yet, I did draw a Christmas snow globe on my pantry chalkboard. It turned out so cute! I'm pretty proud of myself!

I would love to see some of your Holiday decorations! If you have some pictures, feel free to share them with me! Thanks for stopping by!

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