A Long Time Coming

You may have noticed I went radio silent for like a month. That is because I was locked out of my account. Talk about a headache!

This left me some time to work on a few projects around the house though! 

Sorry in advance for the picture quality - I took these at midnight on my camera phone the other night so they aren't the clearest.

I got a few packages from Silhouette last week and boy am I excited!

I got some new vinyl, glitter, pen holder, printable silver foil paper, and their new light hold cutting mat! So far I've tried everything but the glitter and foil paper. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with those yet, but I couldn't pass them up!

First things first, I wanted to dress my Silhouette up a little!

I bought vinyl in my two favorite colors - turquoise and coral (technically strawberry pink). I knew I wanted a design on the front to go along with the word create I had already put on there a few months ago. After shopping around the Silhouette store I found this bird. I cut it out, peeled off the excess, put transfer paper over it, and put it on the machine. I also used my new scraper tool which is awesome at getting bubbles out which is sometimes a problem for me.

After decorating the front, I realized that half the time I use it, I have the lid up so I might as well decorate the inside too! I found this quote here along with these clouds and these hummingbirds.

After going through my scrapbook stash I found this paper with colorful dahlias in the same color as my vinyl and it was too perfect not to use!

I love how my Silhouette looks now that it's decorated and colorful!

Do you have a Silhouette? Is it decorated? I'd love to see it in the comments below!

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