Belated Christmas Ornament Tutorial

I know it's January 16, but I couldn't post about this until now because I still hadn't given these out as presents. My friend and I made some cute Christmas ornaments as presents for the members in Sigma Tau Delta, and due to the weather being bad, the party kept getting postponed. We finally had it today, so now I can finally post about them!

These were so easy to make and everyone loved them which made us so happy!

You could get red ornaments, but we decided to get clear ones and paint the inside red with acrylic paint to achieve the bright, glossy color we wanted. Next, I cut strips of vinyl with my Silhouette machine and placed them around the center of the ornament. Then, I used my two new favorite Silhouette products - double sided adhesive paper and glitter! I found the buckle shape here. After cutting it out, I centered it in the middle of the buckle, then dipped it in this gold glitter. I used a cheap old paintbrush to remove the excess glitter.

You could stop there, but we decided they needed a little bow on top! I attached it with hot glue to the top of the ornament and viola! Simple and cute!

Once they were painted and dry, the whole process only took around an hour to an hour and a half to make 14. I don't think that's too bad considering how cute they turned out!

Have you used the double sided adhesive paper yet? You should definitely give it a try! It's so fun!

Edit: I decided to take some screenshots showing the process after rereading my post. I always hate when bloggers don't have pictures showing the process because I'm a visual learner! So here's some pictures with better details of how I made the ornaments! If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments!

I started by measuring around the ornaments. After doing so, I made a long strip about .25 inches wide. Then I copied and pasted the shape 14 times because I was making a total of 15 ornaments.

I cut the strips in black vinyl. I didn't bother with transfer tape. I just put them on by hand by eyeballing them. You may have to unstick them and reapply if they're off center. Don't worry though, they'll keep their sticky and stay in place.

Next, I needed a buckle. I found one here on Alaa' K's shop.

When you click on the shape, all 3 appear grouped together. Click on the shapes to highlight them, and click the ungroup button down on the bottom bar. Now you can delete the ones you don't want and use the one you do. I chose the one on top.

I didn't really measure the buckle, I just placed it over one of the strips and sized it until it looked right.

After getting the right size, copy and paste 14 more buckles just like the strips and cut them out of double sided adhesive paper. Make sure you put the adhesive paper on the cutting mat. I almost forget that part and would have had a disaster on my hands!

When they're cut, peel back one layer of the paper and place the sticky part on the ornament. Press down hard to ensure it sticks. I even used my scraper just to be sure. Then peel off the top layer of paper and sprinkle glitter on the adhesive. With a paintbrush, dust the excess back into the container.

I hope that was more clear with pictures! If you have any questions, let me know!

Here's a list of supplies for this project!


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