Creating Chalkboard Labels Using Silhouette Studio

I decided to do a little organizing this week. I have a few tupperware for cereal storage and I thought it would be cute to create chalkboard labels for them! Now when we buy new cereal, we can write what's inside on the label! Who knew cereal was so exciting? :)

The labels were so simple to make using Silhouette Studio - it seriously took me 5 minutes tops to make them, cut them, and put them on!

I used this label set from Lori Whitlock's shop. I thought the long blue one would fit nicely on the side of the tupperware.

After clicking on the shape in the library, click the ungroup button. This separates all the shapes in the pack.

I turned my square sideways and brought it to the top so I wouldn't waste as much vinyl. Next, I measured my tupperware and adjusted the size of the shape in the scale window. If you know the exact measurements needed for your shape, the scale window makes it so much easier!

Now it's time to cut! Make sure you're set to vinyl in the cut window and your blade is at 2. Sometimes I put my blade on 3, but when it's on 2 I check double cut, just to be sure it's cut all the way through.

Now you just peel back the excess vinyl, stick on some transfer tape, and then put it on the tupperware! All that's left to do now is label! After taking this picture I decided to add the date that we opened it as well. Now our cereal stays fresh and we can easily see what's what!

Thanks for stopping by!

Here's a list of supplies used for this project!

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