DIY Monogram on Silhouette Studio

Like any Southern girl, I love monograms. If I could monogram everything I owned, I would be one happy girl.

After discovering the weld tool in Silhouette Studio, I realized I could make my own!

First things first, we have to choose a font. Maybe it's just me, but finding a font was kind of hard! Actually, that's not true. There were tons of beautiful fonts out there! But finding a free font was hard!

After an hour of Google searching, I stumbled across a website with cool free fonts at Their lavanderia font is perfect for monograms!

I made myself a separate text box for each letter, making the W the biggest since it's the initial for my last name.

I found it easier to clearly see the letter and overlap them when they were filled in, so I suggest filling in the letter and the line color. The color won't effect the cutting, so you don't have to change it back.

Now it's time to layer them. You may need to change the size or rotate them a little. My A looked crooked layered on top of the W so it needed a little adjusting.

It's also a good idea to measure them against a gridline to make sure they're as straight as possible.

After you've adjusted the letters and have them looking like you want, open the modify window on the right side of the top bar. Select all your letters and hit weld. This makes them all become one shape.

Now when you click on any part of it, one box will surround all the letters and you can move it anywhere you want!

I can't wait to add my monogram to so many things! Tumblers, my laptop case, my binder! The list goes on and on!


  1. What a amazing idea! I'm new using the Cameo and I'm searching ideas to use it. Thanks for it!
    Best regards from Spain

    1. Feel free to search around on here or on my Project Gallery page for more ideas! You can also follow me via email or BlogLovin to stay updated on new tutorials!


  2. do you have a tutorial on making monograms in shapes?

    1. Also, this was a great tutorial, it was brief and informative at the same time, easy to follow and I VERY much appreciate that :)


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