How to Weld Words in a Frame

My mom gave me some canisters she didn't want anymore when cleaning out her kitchen last week. They're kind of plain, so I decided I would add some labels to them!

The only problem was, I had no idea how to do this. Two hours of playing around in Silhouette Studio later, I figured it out!

I thought I would post a little tutorial to show you guys the process of how to do this because I figure I can't be the only one who was totally lost!

To start, you need a basic shape. I chose a circle since my canisters are cylindrical. I needed them to be 3.75 inches from side to side, so to do this easily, I opened up my Scale tab, set the size, and hit Apply.

Now to get that outer circle (or square, or whatever shape you have), hit the Offset button. It's the last button on the bottom toolbar and looks like a target. You can adjust the distance between your original shape and the new one and for shapes other than circles, you can choose to have round or sharp corners. I chose the distance for my circles to be 1 inch. Make sure to hit Apply to save your changes.

As of now the two shapes are separate. We need them to be one shape. To do this, select both circles and hit Make under Compound Paths in the Modify Window. This allows the two circles to become one shape and the center to be a hole.

Now it's time to decide what our labels say! I wanted the four canisters to hold sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, and flour. I typed all of the words in separate text boxes using the font Lavanderia.

I zoomed in real close so you could see these next few steps. When you use a cursive font, sometimes the letters overlap instead of looking like a continuous line. To change this, click on the Modify button on the upper right side of the window and hit Weld.

Can you see the difference? All the letters look like one continuous line instead of separate letters overlapped on top of one another. This means they will cut as one shape.

We're almost done!

Making sure the the word is overlapped on the circle, select all of the shapes and hit Group to group everything together into one single shape.

To get rid of those little ends of the letters that overlap the circle (see picture above this one), we need to select the shape and hit Weld. This will make those lines disappear and make the word flow right into the frame!

I colored in the shape to help you guys see what I mean. The whole thing, the frame and the word are one shape!

Just repeat the same steps for all of your labels and then it's time to cut!

I hope that tutorial made sense and helped you guys! Let me know if you have any questions or if I can do anything in future tutorials to help be more clear! I'm a visual learner, so I need lots of pictures, which I try to provide for you guys!

Stay tuned to see the finished project!

UPDATE: Check out the finished product here!

Canister Labels


  1. Thank you very much, it is very clear...

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Keep checking back for more tutorials! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the feedback, Ashley! You can follow my blog via email to get updates on new tutorials! Just put your email in the box to the right! :)

  3. I have had my silhouette over a year and clearly I don't use it to the full potential. I learned numerous tricks in your tutorial. Thanks for writing it so clearly :)

  4. Thanks so much im off to give this a try! :)

    1. Feel free to share your finished project! I love to see what my readers are up to! :)

  5. Is my silhouette machine supposed to be hooked up to use the weld option when working in studio? My Weld option is in gray and is not working. Thanks

    1. I am by no means a Silhouette expert, so the only thing I can think of to do, and this may be so silly that you're like "duh," but it's worth saying, is to make sure the text/shape is selected. To ensure the object is selected, it should have a gray shape with little numbers around it, like in picture #2 of this post. If you're already making sure of this and positive this isn't the problem, then I would maybe suggest copying and pasting the design into another window and trying it again there. Sometimes Silhouette Studio has unexplained glitches and this may be one of them. Another thing you may do is play around with different fonts/shapes and see if any of those can be welded. Maybe your font/shape cannot be welded? I have never had this problem before - but who knows? This would be something you would need to address with Silhouette Support Service, and unfortunately their lines are down right now (I know this because I've been trying to get ahold of them for over a week now for issues I've been having with my machine. Grr!) I hope one of these ideas helps but if it doesn't, please don't hesitate to come back and we'll figure out some solution together! Good luck! :)

  6. Hi Alex, Thanks to Pinterest I came across this article by mistake.....or should I fortunately! I've struggled all week trying to do this and no matter which way I tried I couldn't get it to work. Thanks to your article I have FINALLY succeeded, I really can't thank you enough x

    1. Yay! I am so excited to hear that! Thank goodness for Pinterest, right?! :)


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