How to Trace an Image in Silhouette Studio

If you're like me, sometimes you can't find the image you're wanting in the Silhouette Online Store. Or maybe you've found a cute image on Pinterest or another blog. Either way, you want to use it for print and cut but can't figure out how. Well that's what I'm going to be showing you today on the blog!

First thing - find an image that you want to trace. I found these cute birthday candles on Pinterest and saved the image to my desktop. To open it in Silhouette Studio, I went to File and clicked Open and selected the image from my desktop.

To trace the image, open the Trace window. It's in the top right corner. Click Select Trace Area and draw a box around the image.

For my image, I needed both High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter unchecked and I left the Threshold and Scale alone. Depending on your image, you may need to play around with these four settings. Don't worry about not getting it the way you want it on the first try - it took me a while to figure out where my settings needed to be.

I wanted the outline as well as the cutouts in the numbers (like the circle in the middle of the 0) so I clicked Trace after choosing my settings. If you only want an outline, meaning no inside details will appear, choose Trace Outer Edge. 

The last option, Trace and Detach, removes the objects from the image. I took a picture of this above to show you how this option works.

To be able to work with these numbers separately, we must first Release the compound path. To do this, go to the Modify window. It is the last button. This allows the holes in the numbers to become shapes of their own, making the numbers editable.

Now you can save your image to your library. To do this, click File, then Save to Library. This will bring up this window where you can name your shape, type in keywords, a description, the artist, and pick it's category.

Every time you add a new shape to your library, they will be filed under My Own Designs. From here, you can move them around and organize them.

And that is how you trace images in Silhouette Studio! That wasn't so bad, was it? :)

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