Initial Wreath

I had originally planned on making a Valentine's wreath this year, but time just got away from me. So instead, I decided to make an initial wreath that I can put up during those in-between seasons when I don't have a holiday wreath up!

From my Instagram
This was so simple, literally anyone can do it! Even those people who say they're not crafty (but I know you secretly are!) can do this!

All you need is what you see above! I got the initial at Hobby Lobby for about $4 with a coupon. The paint that I used was FolkArt Metallic Acrylic Silver paint. I also picked up a pink hydrangea, although I didn't end up using it. Instead, I went with a smaller white hydrangea which you can see in the first picture.

After painting the bronze letter with a few coats of metallic silver, it was exactly the color I wanted!

Here's a closer look! I love that you can see the brush strokes and a little bit of bronze underneath!

Once the paint was dry, I hot glued my hydrangea on the initial.

That's honestly how simple it was!

Thanks for stopping by!

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