Organize, Don't Agonize

This holiday season it really came to my attention how much I despised how my wrapping paper and boxes were organized. The main problem was they weren't organized!

But thanks to these two Sterilite containers and my Silhouette Cameo my stash is now organized!

I divided them between Christmas and Birthday since those are the two main types of wrapping paper I have.

To make my Christmas Wrapping label, I used this shape for the word Christmas by Sophie Gallo. Then, I wrote "wrapping" in a Serif font in a text box (can't remember which one - sorry!) and placed it slightly off center so it looked more aesthetically pleasing. Now you just cut it and put it on the container!

To make the Birthday Wrapping label, I simply wrote "birthday wrapping" in a text box in Janda Stylish Script. That's all there is to it! I'm thinking about going back and adding some flowers or something to jazz it up a bit!

Here's a look inside my Christmas one! I have all my wrapping paper (I like candy stripes in case you can't tell!) and I even put my Christmas shirt boxes and gift bags in there too! That way, when it's time to wrap all the Christmas presents next year, everything is in one spot and I know just where to look!

My birthday wrapping organizer has a really cool feature - it has a little compartment on top that is great for storing a pair of scissors, tape, and a pen so you can address your gifts! This compartment is the main reason why I chose this organizer for my birthday and other generic wrapping paper, since I use it most often.

Just like in my Christmas one, I have shirt boxes and gift bags in this organizer as well!

Do you guys organize your wrapping supplies? Now that I've done it, I can't ever see myself going back!

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