A Fine Line

Today I'm going to show you the different options provided in the Line Style window! By altering the lines in your projects you can add so many little details and really enhance your craft!

I have a couple circles and a couple squares set up to show you the different styles and settings.

For the first circle I chose the second option in the Line Style box. The default thickness is set at 0 so it doesn't really look like much, but when you increase the thickness (here I have it at 4.0) you can see that it's a dotted line. You can use this style to cut out little circles to place rhinestones if you don't have the Designer Edition software.

 On the inner line I chose the third option in the Line Style window. It's a dashed line that looks like stitching. You could print this out onto scrapbook paper for a cute little detail or you could cut it and run thread through it! It would be such a cute little detail to add!

There's not really any options for the dotted line, but the dashed line has a few for the edges. I've labeled them so you can see the difference. There's flat edges, rounded edges, and square edges.

For the outer square line I chose another version of a dashed line. As you can see in the window, there's many options for dashed lines. This one looks very much like stitching to me. I would love to run thread through it for a card! I think that would be adorable!

For the inner circle, I kept it a straight unbroken line but I increased the thickness so you could see the corners better. There are 3 different options again: corner, bevelled, or flat. Corner has a very sharp edge; bevelled has the corners cut off at an angle; flat has more of a rounded look.

Who knew you could do so many things with a line? :)  The options provided gives you the ability to add so many cute details to your crafts and make them just a little more special!

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