Creating Curved Text

I'm constantly learning new things in Silhouette Studio. Every time I use it I always press new buttons, set new settings, do anything to learn more tricks.

One thing I recently found how to do that I've been dying to learn is how to create curved text! It looks like it would be super complicated, but trust me when I say it is the easiest thing you will ever do!

First things first, draw a circle with your Circle tool. It can be any size, big or small. You could even draw an oval if you want. But for this tutorial, I'm just going to use a medium sized circle.

Now, type in some text. To celebrate a whole week of Spring weather, I keyed in "hello spring!" :)

Do you see that little circle with crosshairs running along the side of the text box? That is how we're going to curve our text.

Click on that marker and drag your text to the bottom of the circle. It wraps itself around the bottom edge of the curve! 

You can slide it around if you want it slightly off center or more to one side than another.

You can also curve it around the top of the circle!

Once you have your words placed, you can fill it with cute patterns or colors and make all sorts of things with it! This would be adorable on a scrapbook page!

Or you can cut patterns or shapes out of the middle of the circle!

I love how this cute little bird looks cut out of the center! This would be so cute on a card!

You can even type text all the way around the circle!

Have you ever used curved text in any of your designs? I have a feeling I will be using it a lot! :)


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  2. You made this so simple! So glad I found your blog, thanks love!


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