Etched Glass Tutorial

Etched glass has been on my to-do list for almost a year now. I had been scared to try it though. I think the permanency of it freaked me out.

But this week I finally decided to just do it! And I am so glad I did!

I've seen so many cute etched glass tutorials all over Pinterest and knew immediately what I wanted to do. I decided to etch my name into all of my casserole dishes. That way, there's no confusion as to whose it is if I ever take it somewhere or let someone borrow it!

I found a cute label and attempted to trace it, but the image was too small for the lettering to trace correctly so I just decided to do it all manually. You can see the inspiration image in the bottom lefthand corner of my snapshots from Silhouette Studio below.

To do this, of course I had to enlist my Silhouette Cameo. I don't think I've done a craft without my Silhouette in over 6 months now. It's just SO addictive!

I wanted to share with you guys a few tricks I learned while doing this project.

I did a tutorial a week or so ago on creating circular text (or text along a path). You may remember me showing you how you can wrap text completely around the path. Here's that picture:

To do this, I just typed the phrase over and over again into one text box and then drug it to the path. The only problem with this however, is that the text can be hard to center evenly. I had to play with the character and line spacing a whole bunch before I could get it spaced evenly.

Fortunately, I have found a way to fix it so that all of the text is perfectly spaced and centered!

First, I created my circle and made two separate text boxes with the same text inside. I drug the first box to the top of the circle and centered it as best as possible.

Now, for the trick. Click on your circle and rotate it so it's upside down. See that little green circle in the picture below? Thats what you hold on to to rotate the shape. Another little tidbit: Hold down the Shift key so it will snap into place completely straight.

Now that we have our circle upside down, drag the second text box to the top of the circle. Now we have perfectly centered and spaced text! We didn't even have to mess with the character or line spacing!

To replicate the spoons, I just searched for an image online and traced it with the Trace window. Even though two are shown below, you really only need one to start off with. You'll see why in the next image.

Take that first spoon and tilt it like in the inspiration image. Center it as best as you can within the circle.

After selecting the spoon, press Control C (copy) and then Control F (this copies the image directly in front of your original image. Now go up to Object in your toolbar, click Transform, then click Flip Horizontally. This flips your copied shape right on top of the other one so it's already tilted at the right angle. It should be pretty close if not accurately centered within the circle as well. You may have to make minor adjustments.

Next, I drew a box and placed it over the two spoons. I selected those three shapes and hit Subtract All. Now the middle section is gone like in the image.

Then, I added the last little details. I drew a thin, long rectangle and placed it over the top section of spoons. Then copied and pasted it and placed it over the bottom section. 

Make sure to weld the rectangles to the parts of the spoons so the software registers them as one shape. Otherwise, it will cut the rectangle out on top of the spoons instead of as one continuous line like it's supposed to be.

All that's left is two little circles on each side of the text path and in the bottom of the spoons and my label is finished!

The process of etching the glass was so simple! You just apply your cut vinyl to your glass and paint the etching cream on. The bottle says to leave it on for 15 minutes but I left mine on for 45.

Here's the finished product! This is one of my smaller casserole pans!

Here's a close up detail of the etching. It's so smooth and crisp! It turned out so great!

I even did my smaller casserole bowls too!

Have you ever tried etching glass before? If you haven't, you should definitely give it a try!


  1. Did you etch the outside or the inside of the dishes ??? This is something I would like to try !!!

    1. There are words and numbers on the outside of the dish, so I etched on the inside! As long as you run it through the dishwasher afterwords, it is perfectly fine to etch on the inside! However, you can always etch on the outside along the sides of the dish. I've seen this many times and it is super cute!

      Good luck with your project! Please let me know if you have any more questions!


  2. I have wanted to do this because my casserole dishes just seem to disappear but I am worried about the etching weakening the glass and the dish exploding in the oven. How are your dishes holding up, have you had any problems with any of them breaking?

    1. My sister-in-law did two casserole dishes for me over 5 years ago and they are holding up just fine! :D Good luck.

  3. What etching cream did you use? I got some but it didn't work as well. I also couldn't find one that would etch on Pyrex. And is your image available for download?


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