Splitting Up

You may not have thought it was possible for me to have another monogram tutorial, but I do. What can I say? I'm a Southern girl. :)

This is also a tutorial on how to split letters but can also be applied to any image in Silhouette Studio.

First we need to start with a letter. I chose a fancy font for this since it was just a single letter, my last initial.

I drew a rectangle .25" wide and placed it in the center of the W. I'm going to cut the letter in half, so I want to lose the least amount of the image possible.

When the rectangle was in place, I clicked Subtract. This cut the image in two.

It also made all of the little pieces into individual shapes. I selected each half of the letter, including all of the little pieces, and grouped them back together.

Here's a random little tip. I want to keep the two halves centered, but I need the top to be a bit above the bottom piece. To do this without throwing it off center, I opened the Move window. I clicked up once or twice and it moved it up without knocking it off center! This is a great window to keep in mind when doing projects on the Silhouette!

To give the letter a more polished look, I made a thin rectangle and placed it over the edge of both halves of the letter where they were cut. I made the image black so it was easier to see.

You can see one of the rectangles highlighted in the image below. I copied it and pasted another one so it would be the exact same size and placed it on the other half. I then welded each rectangle to their separate half of the letter. Now if you were to cut it, it would cut as one shape, not a separate rectangle on top of a shape.

I then typed out my last name in the middle of the two in a script font. I centered it, then grouped all 3 pieces together.

I love how elegant and fancy it looks!

Here's another one that I made below! This would be so beautiful etched into glass. Can't you just see this etched into an old window hung up on the wall? It would be gorgeous!

While I do consider this a monogram, it could also be used as a label for things. I've seen these types of monograms etched into casserole platters. You could even cut out a stencil and use it spray paint your monogram onto a welcome mat or your mailbox! There are endless possibilities!

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