DIY Vinyl Quote

I have one blank wall in my bedroom that just seemed to more sad every time I looked at it. I'm not a fan of blank walls. I love art. I love color. I need my walls to be filled with beautiful things I can look at!

So after looking around on Pinterest, I was inspired to put a quote up in vinyl! At first, I wasn't too keen on this look but after finding the right quote I was sold!

After deciding on a quote, I opened my Silhouette Studio and played around with fonts and placements until I found an arrangement I liked. The cursive font is Some Weatz and the other is just a Serif font that was already downloaded to the software.

After measuring my wall I had to figure out how I was going to cut this. I'm not going to lie, it was a bit of a headache at first because I've never done a cut like this before. One thing I learned that I didn't know about before is that you need to turn the Cutting Mat option off.

If you look at the picture below, you can see that I've sized my page to match the size vinyl I need but there's this red square around half of it. That red square tells us that it's only going to cut WITHIN that square. Very important!

To prevent the machine from stopping mid-cut, we need to turn the cutting mat option off. Click on your Cut Settings Window. To the side you'll see the Cutting Mat option. Make sure it's unchecked. This will allow your "cutting area" to be as long as your page length.

After cutting it out, it was a bit of a guessing game to get everything level and even. I printed a copy of the design on printer paper (that you can see hanging on the wall) to help guide me.

After very carefully removing the backing of the transfer tape and placing the letters on the wall, my design was complete! I can't believe how it turned out!

Here's a shot of the whole wall beside my bed! Doesn't it have such a big impact? I am in love with it!

(please ignore that striped pillow without a case - they're in the wash. :) )

This is my first experience with placing vinyl on the wall but I think it turned out great! Have you done any projects like this before? I would love to see how yours turned out! Leave your links or pictures in the comments below!


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