Filling In The Blanks

One of the things I wish Silhouette Studio could do is fill in fonts with the sketch pen automatically. This isn't an option, unfortunately, but I have figured out a way to work around it!

Starting with a script font, I typed out the words "summer fun." Like all text, there is a single red line outlining the words. If I were to send this to the machine to sketch, it would draw a line where the red lines are in the window below.

In order to "fill in" the letters, we can use our Offset window to create lines inside the letter. By clicking on the words and hitting Internal Offset, you will begin to see the letters filling in. You may need to play with the numbers to get it as close to filled in as possible.

I started by making sure the outline of the letters was a nice thick red, then moved in towards the inside. Here is what the letters looked like after a few clicks of Internal Offset.

You can get a better view of the outlines by zooming in. Here you can see I still need some work on the centers of the letters.

After clicking Internal Offset around 10-15 times, this is what I ended up with! Nice, full letters!

Just to show you how many additional shapes this created to fill in the letters, I selected all of them! Isn't that crazy?! Whatever works I guess! :)

If you need to move it before sending it to the machine, it's easier to group all the shapes together first.

Now it's time to send it to the machine!

I used some leftover scrap paper and accidentally miscalculated the size, hence the missing corner of the n!
See how thick and filled in the letters are?

This is such a nice little trick to know when wanting to sketch out words or phrases but want them to be filled in!

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