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Today I have a tutorial for how to create pop-up letters in Silhouette Studio! I had actually made this tutorial before the update to the software came out, so when I upgraded I redid the tutorial since it looks different.

I ran into a few differences in the software (which I'll talk about later in the post) that I managed to work around, but maybe you guys have figured out an easier solution? I love to hear from my readers about tips and tricks they have figured out so feel free to leave me some comments below!

Here's a preview of the pop-ups below!

First I started with my card template - a rectangle with a perforated line in the middle.

I started by drawing a rectangle then offsetting it in the Offset window. After selecting both rectangles, go to the Weld window and hit Subtract. This creates a compound path, or a shape created by grouping shapes that allow holes to appear when paths overlap.

Using Impact font, I typed out the words 'THINKING OF YOU' in all caps. I stretched the words out until they barely overlapped the top and bottom of the inner rectangle.

Selecting both shapes, hit Weld. Then hit Release Compound Path. Now delete the outside border around your letters. This is what it should look like (below).

Make sure to group all the shapes together so they don't get out of alignment.

Drag your word down to sit on the perforated line, making sure to center it.

Using the Line tool, draw a perforated line on both the top and bottom of your letters. I have colored these in black so you can see them.

Copy the top perforated line and hit Control F. This will place a second line directly on top of the original.

Selecting one of the top perforated lines, the bottom perforated line, and the words, center the shapes in the middle of the card. Your second perforated line should still remain at the top (see below).

Just a few more steps! I promise!

Draw two lines (not perforated!) on each side of your words, connecting the two perforated lines.

Then delete the original perforated line (the red one running through the middle of the words - see above image). This was just to mark the center. Draw two small perforated lines on each side.

Now we're done with the editing and it's time to cut!

This is where I ran into some problems. I'm not sure if I just haven't figured out the software or what? In the old software you could select and deselect lines you want to cut. In this new software, my Silhouette Studio will not allow me that option. 

Instead, using the "By Color" option, I selected the black (perforated lines) and deselected the red (straight lines) and then scrolled down to the Cut Line Patterns box. I selected a fairly small perforated line and cut.

NOTE: In this image, all the lines are highlighted because I have both selected, but only the black lines should be highlighted.

Here's the "By Color" window. All that's left is to switch colors, make sure the line cut is to straight, and cut the rest of your card!

I also cut out a rectangle of the same size in yellow and wrote some script on it with a sketch pen. I glued it on the front to finish my card!

This is my first card ever! It's a little simple, but that's what I wanted since I'm still experimenting!

The front.
And here's the pop-up letters!

The perforated edges allow you to easily fold the pop-up letters!

And the yellow paper on the front makes for a pretty background!

Have you worked with the new edition of Silhouette Studio yet? What are your thoughts? Have any tips? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below!

EDIT: Silhouette America stated on their FaceBook page that they are working on getting rid of the bugs in the software such as the one I ran into in this tutorial. As soon as a new version is released, I will post an updated tutorial that will hopefully allow the cutting process to be easier!

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