For those of you who are not from Arkansas or have not heard, the county in which I live was hit by a tornado last Sunday night. An EF4 tornado was on the ground for 41 miles and almost an hour as it tore through Mayflower and Vilonia. Both of these towns are on either side of where I live. Luckily, we were not hit, but a lot of people were.

Despite the utter devastation in parts of my state, our community has rallied together to help one another rebuild. Every day I see acts of compassion from my neighbors who volunteer their time to clean up the debris that was once a neighborhood or school. I hear of kids still in high school asking their principal if they can use the bus to take donations to relief sites. I've witnessed my community grow stronger within this past week despite losing everything. It is times like these that I can proudly say I am an Arkansan.

I had been planning on showing you guys art I had made a couple of weeks back, but I kept putting it off. Now seems like the perfect time.

A couple weeks ago, I changed up my gallery wall a little bit. When I first printed the pictures for those frames, I knew they would be temporary. I wanted a few art prints in them, but didn't feel like looking for ones right then. After seeing this pin, I knew I had to make my own version that would fit with the scheme of my living room.

Using my Silhouette Cameo, I used my Arkansas shape I already had and filled it with a watercolor pattern I found via a Google search (view this tutorial for pattern fill instructions). Then I typed out the phrase and arranged it like so.
When I first made this print, I thought of it just as an art piece. Now when I look it hanging on my wall every day, I am reminded of the strong and giving community that I live in. I am reminded of the compassion my state has shown to those who were affected. I am reminded that we are Arkanstrong.

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