Glitter Makes Everything Better

I love the idea of using glitter. Whether it be in an arts and crafts project or digitally to spruce up a print, I love adding glitter wherever I can.

I was playing around in Silhouette Studio the other day and made my own version of a little saying that I love. I've used fill pattern for objects before, but never words. I wasn't sure how it would look, but I love it!

It's so simple but makes such a difference! Here's how I did it!

In My Patterns window, I dragged and dropped some glittery images I found via a quick Google search (Pinterest also has lots of great options when looking for patterned backgrounds). I renamed them so they would be easier to find as my inventory grows.

I colored the other words black but left "sparkle" as is. In the Fill Pattern Window,  I tried out all of my glitter patterns before deciding on pink.

It still has the red outline around the words, so I needed to get rid of that. I tried no outline (as in the picture below) but the edges looked kind of jagged.

Using the eyedropper tool, I found a darker color within the glitter to use as the outline.

Now the edges look crisp and clean!

I love the extra special look the glitter gives to the text! And there's no mess!

I can definitely see myself using this quite a bit in future projects!

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