Paint By Numbers

For our anniversary my sweet boyfriend decided to take me to Spirited Art to paint! I have been before and loved it and have been begging him to go with me. It was so sweet for him to plan this for our anniversary!

My painting
I love classes like these. Sometimes I want to do a particular craft or project but the task seems daunting and I feel like I can't do it. Classes like the ones at Spirited Art allow me to do the work myself but with guidance from a talented and knowledgeable artist. I absolutely love painting and even took classes in high school, but I'm not the best and I'm a little rusty. Even my boyfriend, who has no painting experience whatsoever, loved the class and his painting turned out phenomenal!

His painting
We were instructed how to blend the paints to achieve the right shade, techniques for applying it to our canvas, and some helpful tips along the way to help make the paintings our own.

I loved that our paintings were 100% made by us and it was something we did together as a couple. We had so much fun and loved doing something we normally wouldn't do.

Have you ever taken a painting class, or a similar one like this? What was your experience like? Do you enjoy these types of classes?

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