From DIY Fail to DIY Win

I've got to stop taking month long hiatuses from the blog! But life (and school) just keeps getting in the way! Only a week left of summer school and then I can relax and really tackle some DIY's I've been dying to get to! Ahh! Can't wait!

Isn't she beautiful?!
I have managed to do a couple projects while being in school though! Remember that ugly, ugly chair I attempted to DIY a couple years ago? Well it was so ugly I banished it to a corner of my apartment so no one would have to lay their eyes upon it. That didn't stop my boyfriend from dragging it out to sit in though. Apparently it's pretty comfortable. But boy was it ugly! The paint was wearing off, the fabric was just not doing it for me... I could go on and on.

I decided that if I was going to have look at it, it might as well be pretty. So I once again attempted to save that pitiful little chair. This would be my 3rd attempt to save it, and if I couldn't do it this time, it had to go. Forever.

So I set out on my mission and grabbed some leftover paint from previous projects and went to work!

I loved the fabric that was already on it (since changed from my post a few years ago) but it needed some washing. I took the seat off, pried the staples out of the fabric, and threw the fabric in the washer a couple times until it was white again!

While the fabric was in the washer, I started painting my chair with Zinsser Primer. This stuff is amazing and I use it every time I paint any furniture! I recently discovered they have it in a spray can and will definitely be trying that soon!

Once that dried, I got to painting the chair with some leftover paint from previous projects. I have this light gray that I am absolutely in love with and look for ways to use all the time! I painted the main part of the chair with that color. But I wanted to do something a little different, so I painted the lattice work  blue! Remember my dresser DIY? I used the leftover blue paint from the drawers to paint the lattice on the chair! And let me tell you, it was a perfect match to the blue in the fabric on the seat!

Saying I'm in love with the paint colors of this chair is an understatement! I am IN LOVE!

After sealing the chair with Polycrylic I recovered the seat with the newly washed fabric and tada!

Isn't it gorgeous?! I never thought I would love this chair as much as I do! Now it sits proudly in my living room where everyone can see how beautiful it is! :)

The blues of the fabric and paint are identical! This DIY was meant to be!

Have you ever redone a chair or another piece of furniture and absolutely loved it? Or was your first DIY a disaster like mine? I'd love to hear your DIY stories! Leave them in the comments section below!


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