Sewing Machine Dust Cover

I have spent the last few weeks sitting in front of my sewing machine until my eyes started crossing. I've been whipping out napkins, curtains, and pillows (which I'll post about later). Up until this summer, I haven't really used my sewing machine. So when I started using it a few weeks ago, I noticed some dust and realized I needed to make a cover. Not only will it protect my machine, but it's a great way to practice sewing!

I went to JoAnne's a couple weeks ago and saw this cute vintage sewing machine fabric and knew right away it would make such a cute cover!

After searching Pinterest, I found a really cute dust cover with pockets here.

It's a great tutorial and comes with a PDF of written instructions, as well as pictures. There is also a formula to figure out the exact measurements needed to custom make this for your machine. Because the tutorial is so great (and I forgot to take pictures) I didn't think I needed to do a tutorial here. However, if you have any questions or problems feel free to ask me and I will try to help!

Here is how it turned out!

I love the little pops of green with the mint!

I found a coordinating fabric at Hobby Lobby that had the same colors as the sewing machine fabric. I used it as the liner. I turned it up in this picture so you can see more of the pattern.

I also found this sparkly polka dot fabric at Hobby Lobby and thought it would make cute pockets!

If you are need of a sewing machine dust cover, you must make this one. It is adorable AND functional!

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