DIY Princess Anna Apron

It's Christmas time again, and that means I needed to come up with a spectacular present for my cousin's daughter. She's four, so that means she's all about Frozen. She also loves to help her mom and Sue Sue bake so I thought a Frozen apron would be a perfect gift!

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There wasn't a tutorial out there that I used to complete this project. Instead, I scoured the internet and found multiple apron patterns and combined them to make my own pattern.

I should've taken more pictures throughout the process, but unfortunately I got caught up trying to make this apron from scratch and didn't think about taking them until afterwards.

However, I will try to give a simple run through of the process and if you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me!

To make this apron, you will need:
1 yard of royal blue fabric
1 yard of peacock blue fabric
1/2 yard of navy blue fabric 
(I got a yard of each anyway, just to be sure)
Matching thread (royal, peacock, navy, gold)
Glitter gold ribbon from Hobby Lobby
Silhouette heat transfer in pink and teal
(You can also use felt, as I saw in one tutorial. Just think about how you plan to wash your apron.)

I cut two pieces of (1) Elsa & Anna bodice piece, excluding the straps, from the PDF from this tutorial in the peacock fabric. Then, I cut two pieces of the (2) Anna piece, excluding the straps, from that same PDF out of the navy fabric. (Refer to the picture above to see what I'm talking about)

Sew the two navy pieces together, clipping close the the edges of the rounded sweetheart neck so it lays flat. Iron flat.

Cut out your apron straps and skirt according to this tutorial. (straps: 4" x 24"; skirt: 28" wide, length depends on your child; all of these measurements are adjustable, of course. These are just starting points)

Iron your straps in half, turn inside out, sew the finished ends.

Stitch the sides and top of the peacock bodice, with the straps inside (reference second tutorial for better explanation). Turn inside out.

Zigzag stick the bottom of the peacock bodice. Zigzag the bottom of the navy bodice. This will prevent fraying.

Cut 2 pieces of gold glitter ribbon at an angle to match the angle of the navy bodice. You may need to play around with it to figure out how to make it lay right. Pin the ribbon to your navy piece. Sew gold ribbon onto navy piece with gold thread.

Lay navy bodice and peacock bodice facing each other. Pin and sew sides and top. DO NOT SEW THE BOTTOM OF THE BODICES TOGETHER. VERY IMPORTANT!

Turn inside out. Now, you should have your peacock bodice in the back with the straps coming out of the top. The navy bodice should lay on top, only being attached from the sides, with the gold ribbon on the bottom. We're halfway done!

Onto the skirt! This part is easy! Depending on the size of your child, leave your fabric folded but cut it to width desired. Insert your other two straps (reference the second tutorial again, if needed) and sew the sides and top of the skirt.

I don't know why my carpet looks so weird. I promise it's not that ugly orange color. :)
Then, attach the skirt ONLY TO THE PEACOCK BODICE. DO NOT attach it to the navy bodice! The navy bodice will cover the seam of where  the skirt and peacock bodice meet. Pin the skirt and sew! (Tip: I found it easiest to pin the edges first, then the middle and work my way in. This gave the skirt a gathered effect.)

If you're planning on using Silhouette heat transfer, download the picture below and trace the outside edge of the image. This should allow you to cut the same image out. Once you've cut out the heat transfer, iron it on to the bodice, and you are done!

Now your little one has their very own Princess Anna apron!

The flash is a little bright on this one, and it kind of distorts the colors, but you can see the design much better. 

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me! And if you make your own Princess Anna apron, or Elsa, please share! I would love to see them!

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