Silhouette Saga: Part 1

As you guys know, I have posted quite a few tutorials using my Silhouette Cameo. Every single one of these posts were done by me, for me, for the simple fact that I have loved my Cameo. I was never approached by Silhouette or compensated for any of the posts. Well, recently I got the new Cameo for Christmas and gave my old machine to my sister. 


Worst mistake of my crafting life.

Ever since I received the new machine, I've wanted to tear my hair out. I've had not ONE, not TWO, not THREE problems with the machine, but FOUR! Let me go over each of them with you, because I'm positive there is someone out there having some of the same problems as I am.

1. The blade that I received with the machine is most definitely defective. It cuts tears through everything. I mean everything.

At first I cut the vinyl sans mat (I know its shown sitting on a mat here - I didn't use the mat. I just happened to lay it on the mat to take this picture) on the the required setting, 2.

I hit Start at before I knew it, the blade had ripped the vinyl to shreds. It tore through both the vinyl and the backing at a 2.

I attempted to cut it a few more times without the mat, before finally seeing what would happen with the mat. Still, it cut through, as you can see in the picture above. This is still at a 2.

I finally took the blade out and looked at it. I took it all the way down to a zero, and what do you know...

See that tip poking out at the top? Yep! That's the blade! That's what my old blade looks like at a, yes, you guessed it, 2! No wonder it's tearing through everything it touches!

Unfortunately, there's no way to fix this. The only way to fix this? Pay more money to Silhouette to buy a new blade, which I will absolutely not do (and I will explain why here in a minute).

2. The machine randomly will cut off center, or shall I say, not where it's supposed to.

For example, I've been making Bloom's Spheres with my students so I've been cutting a TON of circles, five at a time. Four in each corner and one in the middle. Every once in a while, the Silhouette would malfunction and randomly cut the side of the mat, i.e. not in the sticky part, essentially ruining the mat. As soon as there is a hole in the mat, the rollers will no longer hold onto the mat. Here's a picture to explain:

So you can see the basic 5 circle shapes - every once in a while I would have to cut a circle outside of this pattern, but generally this is the pattern I cut them in.

Now, look at the left edge. Can you see where the machine cut a circle over the edge of the mat, outside the lines of the sticky part?

If not, let me just poke my finger right through the hole it made to show you! Yeah, it did this about every 10-15 cuts. This left me having to turn off the machine, unplug it, shut down the Silhouette software and then reboot everything back up to "recalibrate" it since I have no clue what the problem is!

My machine has completely ruined 2 $15 mats because of this already and I can already feel 4-5 weak spots in this one that are thisclose to giving out. That's $45 plus tax, plus shipping and handling! Talk about expensive, especially when it's not a user problem, but a faulty machine problem!

3. The next issue I have had is the rollers do not hold onto the mat when cutting. I never had a problem with this on my old machine (nor did I ever really have a problem with ANY of the other things, but ESPECIALLY this). I'll be midway through a cut and all of the sudden I hear "rrrrrRRRRRR!!!" and I look over and my mat is crooked in the machine! Once, it even got stuck in the corner of the machine and I had to get a student to help me get it out.

Again, I know this is not a user problem because after noticing this becoming an issue I have gotten in the habit of triple checking the alignment between rollers before starting the cut. I even had to start feeding the machine in by hand, in and out of the machine, which is a whole other world of frustrating.

I know I already posted this picture already, but look at the bottom edge. See that squiggly line leading out to the edge of the mat? Yeah, that's from coming loose during the middle of cutting one of those circles. If you look closely, you can see the line connect to one of the circle shapes.

I'd also like to point out the roller impression on the side of the mat, the one that is on the sticky part of the mat. I decided to move the roller over because I literally was unable to take my eyes off of the mat for fear of ruining my machine, or another mat, and this seemed to help a little. 

4. The last, newest, and by God, hopefully the last issue I've had is the cover on the motor came off! In the middle of cutting all of my circles for my students projects!

Would you like to know how I managed this one? I removed the blade from the holder... Yep. I know you're all shaking your heads right now, wondering how that's possible. Me too, my friends. Me too.

The blade wasn't even stuck. I didn't jerk it out of the holder. I didn't struggle to remove it. I simply removed it from the holder and pop went the cover. I could have died. 

My boyfriend and I eventually figured out how to "reattach" it but it just sits on top of the motor and wiggles around. It isn't secure, and pops off every time the blade is removed from the holder. So basically, it's not fixed.

I have been attempting to get ahold of a Support Team Member via phone for over a week now and it has been an utter nightmare. I've been in contact with someone via email (although I think it's actually multiple people) and they clearly have no interest in helping me. Every response I've gotten is a copy & paste response. One response even said: "can't seem to find the previous email chain we'd been receiving," and then began to answer in another non-helpful manner. If you don't know what I'm talking about, how can you help me properly? Short answer, you can't.

I've also tried calling their Support line multiple times a day, at different times during the day and every time the line is either busy or I get an automated response saying "all operators are busy" and then the automator hangs up on me. I mentioned this in all of my emails, but it goes ignored. I also noted in ALL of my emails my phone number and said I would like to be contacted via phone so I could explain my situation. 

*I finally got a response tonight, after going back and forth, to give them a time and number at which they can call me. I told them I've given them my number 3x already, but gave it to them anyway and said I'm available all day every day!

When/if this gets solved, I will post an update in Part 2 along with my experience with the Customer Support Team.

After all of the problems I have been having, this is the icing on the cake of a really crappy customer experience. Honestly, I cannot see myself giving anymore money to Silhouette at this point. That includes buying anymore machines, vinyl, 99 cent designs - anything. I refuse to give my money to a company who treats their loyal customers like crap.

Has anyone else been having the same or similar problems with their machine? Have you found a solution? What about with the Support Service Team? What has your experience with them been like?

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