Hi, my name is Alex! Welcome to I'd Pin That! I'm an avid DIY-er, a cupcake enthusiast, a lover of books, and a future English teacher.

Doing what I do best.
I just recently graduated from the University of Central Arkansas where I majored in English Education. Now that I've graduated, I'm starting my next chapter -- looking for a job! I can't wait to have my own classroom and group of students! I'm leaning towards 6th and 7th grade, but I'd honestly be happy with any age group! My love for reading, and school in general (I know, I'm a nerd), are part of what led me to pick English! Don't be surprised if you see the occasional book review or teaching post! :)

Two years ago I, like many other people across the globe, discovered the amazingness that is Pinterest.  Ever since it came into my life, I've been obsessed. I've always been creative -- I love to draw, paint, make all kinds of crafty things -- but Pinterest took that creativity that I have and took it to a whole other level. Pinterest has inspired me to create and make things I love. In fact, it has inspired me so much over the course of these last few years, that I now have my very own Etsy shop!

J and I.
My boyfriend of 6 years and I have been living in the same apartment for the past 3 years. When we first moved in, we were on a college student budget, so I did a lot of DIY projects to try to make the place feel more like home. And yes, you guessed it -- they're DIY projects I've found on Pinterest. Within the first few months of moving in, I painted two desks (one from a thrift shop, one from Craigslist), a dresser, upholstered barstools using a curtain from Target, and made a sunburst mirror out of wood shims and a craft mirror! 

Follow along as I slowly but surely make it through my DIY board, feature Silhouette projects, and the occasional recipe or book review, and maybe you'll find something here worth pinning to your own board! Thanks for stopping by!

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