Bar Stool Face Lift

A few weeks ago I inherited some bar stools my mom no longer wanted. They were a little plain, so I decided they needed some color (and cushion)!

I saw that Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous, one of my all-time favorite blogs, had the same bar stools and did a great job unholstering hers, so I decided to give it a try!

What you'll need is:
bar stools
foam - I believe mine was 2"
spray adhesive
staple gun

I decided to go to Target and look at shower curtains to use as fabric because I had remembered seeing one that would look perfect in my apartment.

Threshold™ Grid Shower Curtain from Target
They had so many cute options, but I loved the pattern and the color of the Threshold Grid shower curtain so I decided to go with that one! 

I started off with plain black bar stools. We have a lot of dark wood and appliances in our apartment and I'm not a huge fan so I first considered painting them, but then decided against it. I figured with the seat upholstered, it wouldn't be as overwhelmingly dark.

I cut the foam down to the size of the seat and sprayed adhesive on the top of the seat before placing it on. There is a dip in the seat, so I sat down on the foam to make sure it stuck to the wood correctly. After making sure it was secure, I cut some batting and stapled it to the seat.

I then cut out my fabric, making sure to pay close attention to the pattern so they would be aligned perfectly. Stapling the fabric down was a lot harder than I had anticipated. As you can see in the picture above, I rolled the fabric so it would lay down flat around the legs since there wasn't enough room to staple it down. I made sure to pull the surrounding fabric tight and use lots of staples to secure it.

After lots of struggling and many moments where I wanted to give up, I finally got all of the corners perfect! I had to be creative about folding the corners since the legs were in the way. The best tip I can give is to just play around with the fabric. You'll eventually get everything to lay flat if you just keep working with it.

Here's a picture of the bottom. After stapling it all down, trim the fabric close to the staples so you can't see anything hanging down when they're upright.

Here they are side by side! Don't you love them? I'm in love! They look so great in the apartment and really tie in with the rest of the blue I have around the house!

The 2" foam really makes these seats comfortable and add height to the bar stools as well! I love that the height also allowed more of the pattern to show!

So what do you guys think? Have you ever upholstered anything before? If so, I'd love to read about it! If you have any upholstery stories or tips, leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Your stool makeover looks fab! Love that fabric! Thanks for linking back! I appreciate it!
    happy crafting,

    1. Thanks for coming over and checking it out! I'm such a fan of your blog!


  2. Those look great! I love your fabric choice!

    1. Thank you! Thanks for stopping by to check them out! :)


  3. This post gives me inspiration! Thanks!

    1. Rachel, your comment brightened my day! Thanks for taking the time to comment!